Why is it so hard to find a great mineral SPF with a transparent finish?  We’ve been asking ourselves this question for years. All we wanted was a safe sunscreen that gave serious everyday protection, but didn’t look like toothpaste when it rubbed in. 

So we became obsessed: researching the safety and efficacy of every ingredient, working with scientists on clean formulas, and making sure what we made actually blended in when you put it on. Over the course of nearly three years, we found the best ingredients in the world and went through 25 different formula iterations. And in the end, here’s where we landed. You can have a fully non-toxic sunscreen that’s amazing for skin—and looks and feels great on. You don’t have to compromise.

We created this sunscreen for you. And we hope you love it as much as we do!
- Patty, Jacqueline, Tera & Tori